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E&M Simulations Sp13

May 18, 2013

I want to quickly jot down a list of simulations I used this semester in my E&M and Optics course:

PhET electric charges
I need to think more about how to use this one. I feel like it should be useful but I need to give students some guidance for what to explore. Here’s an OSP simulation that might be useful too.

PhET circuit kit DC

PhET circuit kit AC+DC
I need to remember that you can use this to build DC circuits with capacitors.

OSP electric motor
A little messy just for torque but I mainly used this to talk about torque due to the Lorentz force.

PhET generator (especially the pickup coil)

PhET refraction

PhET convex lens

Convex & concave lenses and mirrors

Ripple tank interference

Two source interference
Lots of other wave sims at the same link that could be useful.

Thin-film interference

There is an OSP program for magnetic forces current carrying wires exert on each other that might be helpful as students are grappling with the different right hand rules.

The PhET Hydrogen models simulation might be useful for students thinking about electronic orbits and thinking about electrons as waves.

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