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Rights & Responsibilities revisited

September 24, 2012

With a month of class and our first quiz under our belts, I started today’s class by revisiting the Rights & Responsibilities we came up with during the first week. Here’s what we added to the list:

  • Establish the main ideas of each activity
    • At the end of each activity everyone should feel like they know why we did that activity. The summarizing questions don’t always come out and ask ‘what’s the take-away?’ so this is a great addition to our summarizing discussions.
  • Don’t move on during a class discussion until the question is complete
    • Sometimes after multiple students have shared their ideas I move on and leave students feeling a lack of closure on the question.
  • Establish the essentials of a correct answer
    • I’ve been focussing a lot this semester on emphasizing that there is more than one correct answer to a lot of our questions. In doing so, I’ve glazed over the essentials of what makes them correct answers. We should spend some time talking about the similarities and differences between different answers and hash out what the fundamentals ideas are that have to be included to be a correct answer.
  • Communicate the goals of discussions
    • This is the only item I added to the list myself. I realized that I hadn’t communicated to students my goals for our class discussions. Without knowing my goals (get ideas on the table, talk about both correct and incorrect ideas) the discussion can feel disorganized and inefficient. I also want students to talk about their goals for their interactions, whether they be whole-class discussions, small-group discussions with an LA, or student-to-student discussions within their group.
  • Come see Alex to talk about your quiz results
    • We don’t have time to pass quizzes back and go over them during class so I encourage students to meet with me outside of class to discuss their quizzes.



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