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What is Science?

August 29, 2012

After the Rights & Responsibilities activity I asked groups to think about what science is and what science could be. I encouraged them to think about science both in the context of school and outside of school and to think about the kinds of things that come to mind when they think about science.

Responses that make me happy

Science is…

  • nature
  • answering the why questions
  • discovery
  • collaboration
  • trial and error
  • inventing
  • learning
  • never ends
  • can be a mystery
  • can be opinionated
  • exploration
  • questioning
  • searching for answers
  • the way things interact
  • answering of a question with a question


Responses that I want to know more about

Science is…

  • cures (illness)
  • innovative (medically)
  • tangible
  • facts/ideas
  • always changing
  • not physical
  • knowledge – to know/understand
  • life changing
This was a short activity that I tried for the first time. Once groups had put down some ideas on their whiteboards, I had everyone wander around the room to see what other groups had written. After the gallery walk I showed one of the Where the Hell is Matt videos. I explained that Matt’s video makes me think about dancing differently. I don’t consider myself a dancer and I’m often self conscious when I’m dancing, but when I see Matt’s video it makes me want to do what they’re doing. I want to get together with friends and have fun and be silly and not worry about how I look and Matt’s video helps me recognize that dancing can be those things. I told the students that one of our goals in this class is to help them see science a little bit differently and a little bit more invitingly than they may have seen it in the past.
I need to work on my initial prompt that I give to students and I need to carve out a little more time for discussion after the gallery walk but overall I like this activity.

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